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Desperate Households

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Kathy Peel, America’s Family Manager, offers her expertise to every desperate household—via the pages of her new book, Desperate Households: How to Restore Order and Harmony to Your Life and Home (July 2007, Tyndale House Publishers).

In Desperate Households you will discover simple, efficient ways to tackle your have-to’s so you’ll have more time for your want-to’s. I think you’ll agree that the more want-to’s you can fit into your week—enjoying hobbies, meeting friends for lunch, spending quality time with your family—the more fulfilling and balanced your life will be.

One of the secrets to achieving a balanced lifestyle is using a timer. You’d be amazed at how many different ways The Family Manager Timer will help you accomplish each day’s goals, diminish stress, and reduce your need to nag—and everyone likes that!

Peel offers practical strategies for tackling common problems—including detailed problem-solution charts, quick tip lists and Peel’s personal favorite success secrets. Chapters conclude with personal reflection sections that challenge readers to personalize and take action on the recommended changes.

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