3 in 1 Blender, Bottle & Cup Cleaning Brush, Set of 3



Make sure every dish in your kitchen is spotless after use with our set of blender, bottle and cup brushes. These multipurpose dish scrubbers are designed to reach the bottom of tallow, narrow items such as pint glasses, water bottles, Thermos containers and vases. Each 12" long bottle cleaning brush is flexible, bending to the contours of each dish so every inch gets washed. The handle also is angled for working around the blades at the bottom of a blender. You can use them on mixer beaters, colanders and other dishes that are a nightmare to hand-scrub.

You'll have all the kitchen scrub brushes you need when you order a bottle cleaning brush, flexible blender brush and cup cleaner brush from Walter Drake. They work just as well on frying pans, pots, baking trays and other items that can't be machine washed. Our brushes are made of durable plastic and metal with blue, green and pink colors. Shop at Walter Drake for unique kitchen cleaning supplies and other affordable problem-solvers that keep your home beautiful after any big event.

  • 12" long x 3" wide
  • Durable plastic and metal
  • Set of 3
  • Flexible design to reach the bottom of narrow spaces
  • Blender brush, bottle brush and cup cleaning brush come in in pink, green and blue
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