6 Section Pill Organizer



Your vitamins, supplements and medications will always be nearby when they're in this 6-compartment pill organizer. Instead of trying to keep track of six different bottles, you can store all your pills in one place. Our six-section pill carrier consolidates everything you need to take and has an easy-open dispenser top that rotates to the correct compartment. It's 4" H x 3 1/2" dia. with labels to mark each section so you never accidentally take the wrong pill.

A multi-section travel pill organizer is a practical way to simplify your medication regimen. Use it for short- and long-term prescriptions, children's vitamins, bodybuilding supplements, joint support medicine and anything else you take regularly. You might even have a space left for aspirin or other occasional-use medicines. Save space in your home bathroom cabinet or bring the pill carrier when traveling so you never miss a scheduled dose. Walter Drake is here to make your life easier with unique problem solvers like this low-price pill dispenser that anyone can adapt to their needs.

  • Features 6 roomy compartments
  • Easy to open
  • 4" H x 3 1/2" dia.
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