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Aromatherapy Refill Pads

Aromatherapy refill pads are for use with pure essential oils in the Aromafier™ or AromaColor™ diffusers. Microfiber absorbent pads allows essential oils to be diffused without water or spills. Package of 6 refill pads fits Aromafier or AromaColor diffusers.

Essential oil diffusion offers benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Depending on the specific oils you choose, you can promote relaxation, exhilaration, mental clarity, and more. Some diffusers, like our Aromafier and AromaColor diffusers, use replaceable microfiber absorbent pads to diffuse the oil. Simply place drops of your desired essential oils on the pad and insert the pad into the diffuser. As the diffuser heats the essential oil drops, the oil’s beneficial properties will be released.

Each refill pack contains 6 pads

How do I use Aromatherapy Refill Pads?

Use these pads to replace the pads included with the Aromafier or AromaColor diffuser. Replace the pad when changing fragrances or after extended use.


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