Birth Announcement Garden Flag


This personalized garden flag announces Baby's arrival—sharing the news in sweet pink or blue! A fun way to let the neighborhood know about your precious new family member, the yard flag's bright graphics declare "It's a Girl" in pink or "It's a Boy" in blue. Whether announcing the news on your own front porch, decorating for a baby shower or surprising new parents coming home from the hospital, the Birth Announcement Flag celebrates with special joy … and could be passed down to welcome a future sibling. It's crafted of durable, weather-resistant polyester with single-sided graphics; spot clean. 18" L x 12" W; pole opening is 1 1/2". Pole sold separately.
  • Announce the news on your front porch, decorate for a baby shower or surprising new parents
  • Flag declares "It's a Girl" in pink or "It's a Boy" in blue
  • Pass the flag down to welcome a future sibling
  • Spot-clean, weather-resistant polyester with single-sided graphics
  • 18" long x 12" wide with pole opening is 1 1/2"
  • Pole sold separately
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