Blue Stripe Vinyl Zippered Elasticized Tablecover by Home-Style Kitchen™



Introducing the Blue Stripe Vinyl Zippered Elasticized Tablecover by Home-Style Kitchen™, a perfect blend of style and functionality available at Walter Drake. This outdoor tablecover showcases a timeless blue stripe pattern that adds a refreshing and classic touch to your dining space. The exquisite design, combined with its practical features, makes it a must-have for every household.

Crafted with care, this tablecover boasts an elasticized edge, ensuring a snug and secure fit on your table. The added convenience of a durable zippered closure makes installation and removal a breeze. No more worries about tablecloths slipping or bunching during meals or gatherings, this is a perfect patio table cover that stays in place and maintains a neat appearance.

Designed to endure daily use, the Blue Stripe Vinyl Zippered Elasticized Tablecover is made from high-quality vinyl, providing excellent resistance against spills, stains, and scratches. Its easy-to-clean surface allows for quick wipe-downs, saving you valuable time and effort on maintenance.

This versatile outdoor tablecover is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for family dinners, parties, or picnics. Available in a variety of sizes, you can easily find the perfect fit for your table.

Enhance your dining experience with the Blue Stripe Vinyl Zippered Elasticized Tablecover by Home-Style Kitchen™, and enjoy the perfect combination of style, durability, and convenience. Elevate your table's aesthetics and protect it with this charming and functional tablecover, available at Walter Drake.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Designed to fit around an umbrella table
  • accommodates the center hole
  • Durable and waterproof
  • ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy care — wipes clean in seconds
  • Elasticized edges keep this tablecloth secure, even on windy days
  • Imported
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