Blue Stripe Vinyl Zippered Elasticized Tablecover by Home-Style Kitchen™


Our Blue Striped Vinyl Zipper Umbrella Table Cover from Home-Style Kitchen™ is a colorful and fun way to get ready for summer. Add your summery place settings, mix up some lemonade and enjoy! Made from durable vinyl, this umbrella table cover has a middle hole to accommodate your umbrella; its convenient zipper makes it a snap to add it to an outdoor table. With its multiple-colored blue stripes and alternating white stripes, it adds cheer to any outdoor event, whether it’s the Fourth of July, graduation parties or barbeques with family and friends.This blue-striped vinyl table cover is incredibly easy to clean, which is especially helpful in outdoor settings — just wipe clean with a wet cloth. Waterproof and protective, we think that this umbrella table cover with a zipper will be used season after season.Walter Drake has a great variety of umbrella table covers that are perfect for your summertime entertaining. Available in a wide variety of prints, we are sure that you’ll find an outdoor table cover that’s just right. Since 1947, we’ve been providing our customers with uniquely clever home and garden products that make your life easier.
  • Designed to fit around an umbrella table
  • accommodates the center hole
  • Durable and waterproof
  • ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy care — wipes clean in seconds
  • Elasticized edges keep this tablecloth secure, even on windy days
  • Imported
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