Brain Games® Sticker-By-Number Great Outdoors Books


Create incredible artwork with Brain Games® sticker-by-number Great Outdoors Books celebrating the Great Outdoors. Designed by the experts in brain fitness, each adult activity book offers unique cognitive "workouts" to keep your brain focused and sharp, as you relax, enjoy and engage in the creative process. Much like a color or paint-by-number puzzle, each outdoor-themed illustration is divided into dozens of numbered spaces—accompanied by pages of coordinating peel-off stickers. Just choose your design, locate and peel off stickers and place them in the correct spaces, then watch full-colored images come to life. This sticker-by-number book is a fun, affordable gift or treat for your own enjoyment. These Brain Games® sticker-by-number books offer a choice of 4 outdoor themes. Each softcover book includes 28 pages with 7 images and 6 sticker sheets. 8" W x 10" L. Ages 7 and up.
  • Brain Games Sticker-by-Numbers Outdoors Books: A unique spin on paint-by-number activities
  • Great for hand-eye coordination, focus and relaxation
  • Each softcover book is 28 pages and contains seven images and six sticker sheets
  • 8" W x 10" L
  • Ages 7 and up
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