Bunny Shelf Sitters, Set of 2 by Holiday Peak™


This pair of Bunny Shelf Sitters lend a pop of color, pattern and style to your Easter décor. Set the freestanding Easter decor on any mantel, shelf or tabletop, or let these happy hares brighten your Easter brunch centerpiece for added fun. Donning a simple raffia & burlap bow with a white cottontail, each Easter shefl sitter is designed in durable MDF. Display the whimsical rabbits alone, or pair them together for extra charm. Springtime collectible makes a great Easter gift, and lends storybook charm to a little one's nursery. 4 1/2" W x 7 1/2" H. By Holiday Peak™.
  • Freestanding bunny Easter decor
  • Each dons a simple raffia & burlap bow with a white cottontail
  • Designed in durable MDF
  • Display alone, or pair together
  • Exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™
  • Set of 2, each 4 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" high
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