Cedar Hangers, Set of 5 by OakRidge Accents™


Turn your closet into a fresh-smelling cedar chest! These Cedar Hangers by OakRidge Accents™ help absorb moisture and odors to keep your closet and clothing fresh and dry. Perfect for hanging shirts, folding items over the trouser bar, or securing delicates and dresses on the notched ends. Trusted by generations to protect clothing from odors, moths and other insects, cedar wood hangers are an all-natural alternative to chemical insect repellent and are effective on many types of moths, carpet beetles, silverfish and more. Each clothes hanger is 17" L x 1/2" W x 8 3/4" H. Imported.
  • Made from genuine cedar
  • Set of 5
  • 17" L x 1/2" W x 8 3/4" H each
  • Protects clothing from moths and other insects
  • Helps absorbs moisture to keep clothing fresh
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