Classic Personalized Roll Address Labels, Set of 200


Get personalized address labels in a classic print when you order this product from Walter Drake. These self-stick mailing labels are easy to add to any letter, card or package. The simple, streamlined design comes in multiple color options for your convenience. In addition to adding a personal touch to every mailing, these address labels make it so much easier to send out large batches of mail, like promotional materials or holiday greetings. You can also use them to fill out applications and rebates or label your collection of CDs and books. These custom labels are useful for individuals, families and businesses alike.
To create your labels, choose your label color and then click the "Personalize It" button. You may specify up to four lines with 30 letters and spaces each. Order two or more rolls of labels to get a bulk discount.
  • Set of 200
  • Labels measure 2" x 3/4" each
  • Self-stick design
  • Classic print
  • Four color options
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