Dark Chocolate Sticks



Sweet Candy Company's gourmet orange, cherry or blueberry jelly is individually dipped in a dark chocolate coating for a melt-in-your mouth taste that is reminiscent of childhood. Everyone will enjoy these kosher and gluten-free treats that are good enough to give — and to receive! Each dipped jelly fruit stick is smothered in creamy dark chocolate and is beautifully presented in a box that is perfect for gift-giving, corporate gifts, teachers' gifts, Christmastime or to add to gift baskets for fruit-themed surprise. Arrange them on a pretty plate for afternoon coffee with friends. These hard-to-find candies are a delicious indulgence at any time of day.

Since 1892, Salt Lake City's Sweet Candy Company has been providing delicious confections to the young — and the young at heart! In addition to these dark chocolate dipped jelly treats, this prolific candy company has over 250 sweet creations about which to boast. Try these dark chocolate blueberry sticks, dark chocolate-dipped orange sticks or dark chocolate-dipped cherry sticks and be prepared for an addictive treat that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Also available in milk chocolate (sold separately).
  • Sweet's Candy Company
  • Creamy dark chocolate-dipped jelly candies
  • Available in orange, cherry or blueberry
  • 10.5-oz. box
  • Contains approximately 35 dark chocolate-dipped jelly sticks
  • Perfect for gift-giving, Christmastime treats or enjoying yourself
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