Extending Kitchen Colander


Our must-have Extending Kitchen Colander is a tool that no kitchen should be without. This convenient over-the-sink colander adjusts to the size of your sink — from 14 3/8” to 19 ½” wide — to help make your food preparation easier and more convenient. Ideal for washing fruits and veggies, draining pasta and thawing frozen vegetables, our kitchen strainer is both BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 212° F. It also can be used to air dry other kitchen tools, dishes and sponges. This colander is sturdy, strong and its neutral color won’t interfere with your kitchen’s décor.
  • Use to rinse fruits and veggies, drain pasta, thaw frozen food or use it as a dish rack
  • Modern sink colander extends from 14 3/8" to 19 1/2" wide to accommodate your sink
  • Durable kitchen strainer is designed in white BPA-free plastic
  • Heat resistant up to 212°F and top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Measures 7 7/8" long, drainage holes are 1/8" dia.
  • Not recommended for rice, quinoa and most small grains
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