Foaming Soap Pump


Use less soap and save money! Foaming soap pump works with your favorite liquid hand soap and you’ll use less of it. Simply fill the foaming soap pump with 1 part soap to 5 parts water for a rich, luxurious lather. Easy-fill lines on the foam soap dispenser help you add just the right amount. Brushed nickel finish and plastic design looks great on any countertop and is perfect for kitchen or bath! Foaming hand soap dispenser's smart, economical design holds 14 oz. and measures 3” dia. x 7 3/4” H.
  • Made with durable clear plastic and a brushed nickel finish
  • 7 3/4" H x 3" dia.
  • Holds 14 oz
  • Foam-dispensing design saves soap and money
  • Add 5 parts water to 1 part soap
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