Fruit Lovin' Cat Kitchen Towel


Like "Carmen Miranda of the cat world", this fruit lovin' feline wears her produce proudly … balanced purr-fectly between her pretty kitty ears. Designed in soft, absorbent, 100% cotton, the Fruit Lovin' Cat Kitchen Towel lends a pop of color and fun, feline spirit when displayed in your kitchen. Great for drying dishes, wiping hands and cleaning up countertop spills, this adorable, pet-themed dish towel also doubles as a pot holder, and can be wrapped around a bottle of wine to create a thoughtful gift for the cat-loving host. Machine wash, tumble dry low. Cotton towel measures 16" L x 26" W. Imported.
  • 100% cotton
  • 16" long x 26" wide
  • Great for drying dishes or doubling as a trivet
  • A fun blend of charming style and versatile, absorbent function
  • Machine wash
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