Fully Assembled Mini Poinsettia Hanging Basket by Oakridge™



Get ready for the holiday season by ordering OakRidge™ hanging mini poinsettia baskets from Walter Drake for your décor. Poinsettias have long been associated with Christmas and the winter as a whole. The profuse greenery and lively blooms are replicated in these faux mini poinsettia bushes that are so lifelike they'll fool at least some of your neighbors. Both the red and white blossoms and the deep green leaves are made of silky polyester with realistic texture. The plastic and wire stems are mounted in a coco wire hanging basket for indoor and protected outdoor displays.

A fully assembled fake poinsettia basket is a classic, inexpensive way to spread holiday cheer. Dangle them from the living room ceiling as part of your Christmas decorations, hang them on the front porch to welcome visitors or add them to the office breakroom for beating the winter doldrums. No watering, trimming or fuss is needed, and the durable materials will last for years of enchantment. Pair them with other holiday and seasonal décor from Walter Drake for a Christmas you'll remember. We are a one-stop-shop for affordable problem solvers ordered online or by catalog.

  • Red and white faux blossoms and lush greenery
  • Perfect for indoors or out
  • Coco wire hanging basket
  • Polyester/plastic/wire construction
  • Approximately 14" L x 8" W
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