Handy Grocery Bag Helper with Ergonomic Handle


Featuring a comfy, ergonomic handle that’s easy on hands plus 3 hooks to evenly distribute weight, Handy Grocery Bag Helper lets you carry multiple bags without pain or strain. The sturdy, cushioned handle of the bag carrier won’t pinch like ordinary bag handles, so you can enjoy everyday grocery shopping or trips to the mall—and prevent sore hands and fingers or dropped bags. Small enough to fit right in your handbag or auto glovebox, this compact grocery bag helper is made of durable plastic with rubberized handle, and can hold 3 separate bags on its unique hooks. 5" W x 4" H grocery bag carrier handle.
  • Features a comfy, ergonomic handle
  • Three hooks to evenly distribute weight
  • Small enough to fit right in your handbag or auto glovebox
  • Made of durable plastic with rubberized handle
  • 5" wide x 4" high
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