Hempvana® Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cream


Get fast-acting relief from aches and pains with Hempvana Deep Freeze. Easily target painful areas with the icy-cold relief of an ice pack—but in a convenient, mess-free cream. Just apply this non-greasy cream directly to swelling, bruises, bumps and inflamed or arthritic joints. Active Menthol stimulates your body’s cold receptors to help relieve pain fast! Infused with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, this effective cream absorbs quickly while also working to rejuvenate skin as a moisturizing topical. 4 oz.
  • Contains 4 fl. oz.
  • Active Menthol targets painful areas with the icy-cold relief of an ice pack
  • Cold-pressed hemp seed oil helps relieve pain naturally
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly
  • Helps rejuvenate skin as a moisturizing topical
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