Illusion Weave Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover By Home-Style Kitchen™



Protect your table in fine style while saving clean-up time by getting this fitted tablecloth. The Home-Style Kitchen™ Illusion Weave vinyl elasticized table cover looks like beautifully textured fabric. However, it's actually made of protective and easy-care vinyl. This durable fitted table cover features a stay-in-place elasticized edge and soft polyester flannel backing to protect surfaces from scratches, spills and other damage. If you do get crumbs and liquids on the cover, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

Walter Drake offers this elasticized Illusion Weave tablecloth in 2 round sizes along with an oval/oblong version. Make sure to adjust to a larger size if you have a thicker table. Choose from colors such as tan, rose, sage or blue to complement any décor. At our affordable prices, you can buy multiple covers to switch around with the seasons. Use your fitted vinyl table cover for indoor or protected-outdoor dining to add some pop at every meal. We've been delighting the whole family with stylish and functional dining supplies since 1947.

  • Premium fitted vinyl tablecloth for round and oval-shaped tables
  • Crafted from easy-care 100% vinyl
  • Textured for the illusion of a woven fabric tablecloth
  • Includes a 100% polyester flannel backing, which protects tabletops from scratches and spills
  • Wipes clean for effortless care
  • Available in 4 classic colors: blue, rose, sage and tan
  • Comes in 3 sizes: 40-44" dia. round, 45-56" dia. round or 42" x 68" oval
  • Imported
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