Jigsaw Roll-Up



Want to work on a puzzle wherever you please? A felt jigsaw puzzle mat roll-up from Walter Drake adds portability to your favorite pastime. No longer is a puzzle limited to the living room or hobby room. The pieces will cling to the soft green felt so the puzzle doesn't come apart when you roll it up. Add in two elastic straps to hold your roll shut and you can bring a partially finished puzzle anywhere without losing a piece.

Jigsaw puzzle mats are a must for any family that loves puzzles. Now you can work them at the dining room table and clear it safely for dinner — or bring a puzzle to a friend's house for an afternoon of fun. The Walter Drake Jigsaw Roll-Up Mat is available in two sizes. The small 24" x 36" puzzle mat holds standard puzzle sizes while the large 48" x 36" roll-up mat fits 2,000 pieces for your biggest projects. We offer both at a great price so you can carry puzzles here, there and everywhere without ever having to start over.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Roll-Up Mat
  • Made from clingy soft felt
  • Includes 2 elastic straps for security
  • Large roll-up mat: 48" long x 36" high
  • Small roll-up mat: 24" long x 36" high
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