Mrs. Kimball's Licorice Hollows


The licorice world is buzzing about these bright Licorice Hollows—the colorful confections with the crunchy candy coating and soft, chewy licorice centers. The bite-size tubes are often compared to nostalgic licorice candies, but Mrs. Kimball's Licorice Hollows have a taste all their own, and true licorice fans will be thrilled to discover a tempting, new obsession unlike anything else. Chewy, moist and incredibly yummy, the licorice candy with sweet, crispy coating will brighten any candy dish, and offer a fun new way to get your licorice fix! 16 oz.
  • Features a crunchy candy coating
  • Includes a soft, chewy licorice center
  • A new obsession for true licorice fans
  • Chewy, moist and incredibly yummy
  • Brighten any candy dish
  • 16 oz.
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