Mrs. Kimball's Salted Nut Roll Fudge


Mrs. Kimball's Salted Nut Roll Fudge will have fudge fans rejoicing! We're thrilled to present a fudge-with-peanuts fantasy of old-fashioned goodness with flavors so rich and decadent, you'll have trouble resisting. This gourmet fudge is made to order with real dairy cream and butter. Vanilla fudge surrounds a layer of caramel and peanut butter mixed with peanuts and is topped with peanuts and caramel. Each 12 oz. No express shipping.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Fudge topped and filled with peanuts
  • Rich and decadent
  • Made with real dairy cream and butter
  • 12 oz
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