Necklace Extenders, Set of 3


Take your jewelry collection to new lengths with this set of 3 Necklace Extenders. You get 3 designs that easily attach to existing clasps and women's jewelry. The pearl extender adds 4", perfect for transforming a strand of pearls into a glamorous opera length. The nickel-free silvertone and goldtone extenders adjust to add 3 1/2"–6", perfect for showcasing a pendant at just the right length, lengthening a chain for layering, or simply making choker necklaces much more comfortable! Jewelry accessories designed for ages 12+. Metal alloy, simulated pearls. Wipe clean.
  • Nickel-free metal alloy with simulated pearls
  • Includes 3 designs to match any outfit
  • Pearl extender adds 4" of length
  • Silver-tone and gold-tone extenders adjust add 3 1/2"–6" of length
  • Wipe clean
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