Old Fashioned Rootbeer Barrel Candy, 14 oz., Set of 2


What's better than our 14-oz. bag of Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel candy treats? Two 14-oz. bags of Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel candies, of course! Our set of two 14-oz. Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel candies are twice as nice: keep one for yourself and share one with a loved one. Or, if you choose, keep them both for yourself (we won't judge).
For over a century, Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer has been America's favorite root beer: its signature brown bottles have satisfied the sweet tooth of many young — and young at heart. With Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer's special blend of wintergreen, vanilla and licorice, this nostalgic treat has been a favorite of millions for decades. The same frosty-mug taste in Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer is infused inside these delightful hard candies. Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer fans can take their root beer flavors on the go with these individually wrapped candies in two 14-oz. packages.
Share them with the younger generation: set them out in bowls around your house or office to make memories with your children, your students and your co-workers. Everyone loves the flavor of Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel Candy!
  • Set of two, 14-oz. bags
  • Individually wrapped root beer-flavored hard candy
  • Special blend of wintergreen, licorice and vanilla make up the Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer flavor
Sugar, Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor, U.S. Certified Colors (Including Fd&C Yellow 6, Red 40 And Blue 1).
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