Patchwork Vinyl Elasticized Tablecover by Home-Style Kitchen™


Fitted table covers can make your life easier and Walter Drake has an excellent selection of them to choose from. Our exclusive Patchwork Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover by Home-Style Kitchen™ is available in two colors and will add colorful charm to your kitchen or dining room table. The elastic edged table cloth easily attach to your table for both a fix-it-and-leave-it ease and a smooth surface on which to add your place settings. It features a beautiful, weaved look, thanks to its white grid designs against the solid-colored background. This design has a rustic feel, which is ideal for outdoor parties and picnics, too!This elasticized table cover is made from high-quality vinyl that is easy to clean — just wipe with a damp cloth to take care of food spills and other messes. It has a flannel backing that will further protect your table from stains, scratches and water damage. Walter Drake is your stop for durable table covers and other home solutions that are affordable and unique. Shop our selection of other tablecloths and covers for every season and occasion.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Patchwork design
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Available in a 42” wide x 68” long oval size
  • Soft flannel backing
  • Available in two colors: brick red or green
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