Personalized Name And Date Glitter Ornament



You don't need to buy extravagant merchandise to celebrate something big. A name and date glass ball ornament from Walter Drake is a simple yet memorable way to commemorate life events and achievements. For many families, these personalized Christmas ornaments are a time-honored tradition for marking births, marriages, graduation dates, moving into new homes and other momentous occasions. Each 3 1/4" Christmas ball has a name of your choosing (up to 12 characters) on one side and the year on the opposite side. It can be the name of a person, pet, town or anything else that means a lot to you.

Give a classic Christmas decoration some modern flair with our personalized glitter holiday ornaments. They're available in several ball and glitter color combinations to delight the recipient and complement the rest of the Christmas tree. Use the drop-down menu to select your color and then add your personalization during checkout. The name and date glitter Christmas ball is one of many exclusive holiday ornaments available from Walter Drake that are affordable, creative and heirloom-worthy for annual gift-giving.

  • Personalized glass ball ornaments
  • 3 1/4" long x 3 1/4" wide
  • Name text limits: one line, 12 characters (including spaces)
  • Year text limits: one line, 4 characters (including spaces)
  • Color combination options: silver glitter on blue, green or red glass or green glitter on gold glass
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