Personalized Recipe Cards



Whether you are a creative genius in the kitchen or want to preserve classic family recipes before they are lost forever, recipe cards are a must-have for any home cook. Walter Drake offers personalized recipe card sets in two sizes, a set of 48 4”x 6” cards or 24 5” x 7” cards, to have plenty of room for an ingredient list and preparation steps. The top border of each recipe card features a traditional harvest design with room on the rolling pin for up to 20 letters and spaces.

Customize your order with your name, write down every step and share your tried-and-true culinary masterpieces with friends and family. These custom recipe cards make a fantastic gift for any cook or baker who doesn’t mind sharing recipe secrets.

  • Choose from a set of 24 5" x 7" cards or a set of 48 4" x 6" recipe cards
  • Features "From the Kitchen of (Your Name)" personalized on each card
  • A fantastic gift idea for your favorite cook
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