Resin Cow Statue



A-moo-se your family, friends and neighbors with a resin cow ornament that will be the perfect backyard accent. This lifelike outdoor cow statue is just over 6" high but casts a large presence as it lounges on sunny days. It's made of a lightweight weatherproof resin that can remain outside in rain, wind or snow without fading. Each black-and-white cow sculpture has a cute face that is always looking back at whoever glances their way. Set it anywhere so it can keep a lookout while delighting visitors with its realistic features.

The Walter Drake Cow Statue is an artful addition to gardens, patios, rock formations and anywhere else that you want to moo-ve it. The material is very light, so if you decide another area could use some bovine spirit — or if you need to put the figurine in storage for the winter — just pick it up and carry it over. Skilled artisans make all cow garden ornaments we sell using an exclusive design. Add farmyard style to any landscape with the unique value of this and other animal figurines from Walter Drake.

  • You'll be "udder-ly" amazed how this darling Resin Cow Statue will decorate your landscape, whether sitting in the garden, lounging on the lawn or hanging out on your sunny front porch
  • Skilled artisans craft our exclusive cow garden statue with realistic detail all around in durable, weatherproof resin
  • The lifelike white-and-black garden ornament has an adorable face with pink nose and cute little ears, and is posed lying down with its legs tucked beneath its body
  • The perfect accompaniment for our resin pig and lamb statues (sold separately), this artful cow sculpture is light enough to easily "moo-ve" around your yard, yet wonderfully durable for years of outdoor display
  • 10 1/2" W x 6 1/4" H
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