Shady Annual Tree Ring



Protect and beautify your trees at the same time with this easy-to-use Shady Annual Tree Ring available at Walter Drake. This circular rollout garden mat contains seeds for nearly 20 annual and perennial varieties, including forget-me-nots, purple coneflower, corn poppy, monkeyflower and sweet William pinks. They provide a gorgeous accent while shielding the roots from excessive rain, weeds and prying wildlife. At 17" L x 5' wide, our garden mat fits around a variety of trees. You can also cut the mat to fit.

It's easy to plant and care for this shady tree ring seed mat. Clear the ground around your tree, set the roll-out flowers in place and cover in 1/8" of soil. Keep the mat moist until the sprouts are 2-3" H and then water when needed. Within weeks, you'll have a bounty of shade-loving wildflower turf! Add a special touch to your landscape at an affordable price by choosing Walter Drake for unique values on planting supplies.

  • Shady tree ring planter
  • Contains nearly 20 shade-loving flower and plant varieties
  • Annual and perennial plant and flower mixture
  • Roll-out garden mat measures 17" L x 5' W
  • Protect and beautify your trees and landscaping
  • Place on prepared soil and water daily until seeds are germinated
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