Soft-Tex™ 3" Memory Foam and Fiber Bed Mattress Topper



Ready for the best night's sleep of your life? Walter Drake can help with that, thanks to this Soft Tex™ mattress topper that features 3" memory foam cushioning. This Soft Tex™ mattress topper is a quick, easy and ultra-comfortable way to add to more support and dreamy comfort to your current mattress without breaking the bank.

This Soft Tex™ mattress topper contains 3" of ventilated Sensor-FOAM® that provides pressure-relieving, therapeutic support that cradles your body and your joints comfortably. Softloft® polyester fill allows this Soft Tex™ to maintain its shape for year after year of use, and the Nanotex® polyester cover with baffle box stitching keeps you cool and the filling in place for years. Available in twin, full, queen or king sizes, there is a Soft Tex™ mattress topper for just about any bedroom in America and any size bed. So, go ahead — add this Soft Tex™ mattress topper, your favorite pair of super-soft sheets and a plush comforter. You'll sleep like a dream in comfort and wake rested, refreshed and full of life.

Twin is not available at this time.
Full is not available at this time.
  • 3" ventilated Sensor-FOAM® memory foam
  • Softloft® polyester fill keeps it shape for years of sweet dreams
  • Nanotex® polyester cover keeps you cool
  • Box stitching keeps fill in place
  • Anchor bands keep memory foam topper in place on bed
  • Twin: 75" L x 39" W
  • Full: 75" L x 54" W
  • Queen: 80" L x 60" W
  • King: 80" L x 76" W
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