Solar Net Lights


Create a wonderland of soft outdoor lighting with cord-free Solar Net Lights. Simply place the LED lights wherever you need a little ambiance—layered in the grass on your backyard lawn, hung on an outdoor wall or side of a garden shed, woven around deck railings, posts and fences or hugging the base of a tree trunk. Installing without cumbersome electrical cords or messy wires, the string lights include a solar charging panel that easily stakes in the ground and absorbs sunlight by day for an automatic glow at dusk. Designed for durable outdoor use, the versatile pre-lit netting includes 110 tiny white LED bulbs. Charging panel includes solar battery, which charges best in direct sunlight. PVC, copper wire, ABS and polysilicon. Net measures 5' L x 5' W.
  • PVC, copper wire, ABS and polysilicon
  • Net measures 5' long x 5' wide
  • Includes 110 tiny white LED bulbs for a soft glow
  • Includes a solar charging panel that absorbs sunlight by day for an automatic glow at dusk
  • Versatile design for indoor/outdoor use
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