Solar Net Lights



Create a wonderland of soft outdoor lighting instantly with our cord-free Solar-Powered Net Lights. Simply place these white LED lights wherever you need a little ambiance or where your outdoor landscaping needs to be illuminated. You can layer them in the grass on your backyard lawn, add them to an outdoor wall or position them on the side of a garden shed. They also look amazing when woven around deck railings, posts and fences or when added to the base of a tree trunk. For Christmas or year-round use, you can’t go wrong with solar-powered lighting products from Walter Drake.

Easily installed without cumbersome electrical cords or messy, dangerous wires, these string net lights include a solar charging panel that easily stakes into the ground. The solar panel will absorb sunlight by day and will turn on for an automatic glow at dusk — no need to manually turn them off and on.

Designed for durable outdoor use, our versatile pre-lit solar netting includes 110 tiny white LED bulbs. The charging panel includes a solar battery, which charges best in direct sunlight. Weatherproof and long-lasting, these outdoor solar net lights are constructed from PVC, copper wire, ABS and polysilicon. The net measures 5' long x 5' wide.

  • PVC, copper wire, ABS and polysilicon
  • Net measures 5' long x 5' wide
  • Includes 110 tiny white LED bulbs for a soft glow
  • Includes a solar charging panel that absorbs sunlight by day for an automatic glow at dusk
  • Versatile design for indoor/outdoor use
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