Sparkling Tree Sweatshirt



Dazzle your family and friends with the wintertime twinkle of this Sawyer Creek Studio™ Sparkling Tree Women's Sweatshirt. The holiday season is a time to stay warm and spread good cheer. Wearing a glittering Christmas tree sweatshirt designed exclusively for Walter Drake does both. The tree on the front is covered with hundreds of silver, green and red beads topped by a gold star. Other beads surround the tree like stars against the navy blue night sky. A white mock crew neck adds a bright pop while giving the sweatshirt a layered look.

Each day will be cozy and bright when you spend it wrapped in our warm holiday lounge sweatshirt. It's made with 60% cotton/40% polyester and has a fleece-like feel. Knit cuffs and a banded bottom hold in even more warmth without sagging or wrinkles. This sparkling holiday tree sweater is available in a range of women's sizes and is a fun themed gift for family or friends. Shop at Walter Drake for delightful lounge holiday apparel and other goodies that will raise spirits all winter long.

  • Made with 60% cotton/40% polyester
  • Designed exclusively by Sawyer Creek Studio™
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • White mock neck and banded bottom
  • Machine wash cold
  • Imported
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