Sunny Tree Ring



Get a Sunny Tree Ring Roll-Out Garden Mat from Walter Drake and plant a flower spread that loves the sun as much as you do. This custom pre-seeded flower mat has many varieties carefully selected to produce an outpouring of summer colors. Your tree base garden mat will soon be infused with blooms of orange, blue, purple, yellow and many other hues (full list is below). Wrapping it around a tree's trunk covers up bare spots and covers the empty space with an outpouring of summer florals that make the season shine even more.

Tie a tree ring summer garden mat around the old oak tree (or any other tree, for that matter) and treat everyone to a luminous landscape. The flowers grow to heights of 4 to 12", filling out the area between the ground and the lowest branches. These wildflower roll-out seed mats are 17" x 5' and can be trimmed down for the perfect fit — or strung together if you have really big trees. Add rocks, mulch and anything else you desire as part of a summer array. Walter Drake makes your floral dreams a reality with unique values and affordable solutions for homeowners.

  • This tree mat circle is intended for sunny areas
  • Flowers bloom in pink, rose, mauve, blue-violet, purple, white, blue, orange and yellow
  • Complete care instructions are included in this sunny tree ring
  • Roll-out flower mat measures 17" x 5'
  • Flowers range in height from 4" to 12"
  • Annual flowers
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