Taylor Swift Coloring and Activity Book


"Swiftie" Fans can't get enough of this ultimate Taylor Swift activity book. Relax as you color your way through over 30 Taylor Swift coloring pages, each featuring fun factoids about all things Taylor. Learn more about her rise on the billboard charts while celebrating Taylor's "Fearless" success beyond the music scene. Test your Taylor Swift knowledge as you puzzle your way through the included word searches, picture puzzles and more. The included photo gallery, with live pictures from real performances, makes this Taylor Swift coloring book one of the best gifts for Taylor Swift fans. Softcover, 96 perforated pages. Answers in back.
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  • Softcover coloring and trivia book
  • 96 perforated pages
  • Includes more than 30 Taylor Swift coloring pages, word searches, picture puzzles and more
  • Includes a photo gallery with live pictures from real performances
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