Textured Glass Drying Towels, Set of 4


Banish unsightly spotting, smudges and fingerprints from your stemware and glasses. These glass drying towels are ultra soft for safe cleaning and have a textured weave that not only absorbs excess water but also lifts away streaks, spots and other marks. Leaves your stemware and water glasses sparkling clean for impressive table presentation. Also ideal for windows and mirrors. Non linting blend of polyester and nylon. Machine wash, air dry. Set of 4 glass drying cloths, each about 16" x 11". Imported.
  • Ultra soft with an absorbent textured weave
  • Lifts away streaks, spots and other marks
  • Also for windows and mirrors
  • Non linting blend of polyester and nylon
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Set of 4, each 16" x 11"
  • Imported
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