The Peanut Shop Buttermilk Ranch Jalapeño Peanuts


A cool hit of buttermilk ranch meets the bold heat of jalapeño pepper in these Peanut Shop Buttermilk Ranch Jalapeño Peanuts, treating your taste buds to bold, spicy flavor, incredible crunch, and a dash of pure happiness! The Peanut Shop specializes in the Super-Extra-Large variety of Virginia peanuts, the largest market grade available … and less than 3% of all Virginia peanuts grown meet their high standards. These giant, cream-of-the-crop snack nuts are hand cooked in small batches with a gourmet blend of jalapeño spice that's perfectly balanced with creamy buttermilk ranch—packing a spicy/creamy punch that's complex, satisfying … and deliciously addictive. Beyond their scrumptious flavor, peanuts are linked to numerous health benefits and are rich in Vitamin E, protein powerhouses, and cholesterol-free. Because nuts don't require refrigeration, they're the perfect choice for snacking on the go. So serve these Buttermilk Ranch Jalapeño flavored peanuts with pride, enjoy them by the handful on your own, and indulge your favorite peanut lover with a spicy gift for the holidays or any occasion. 10.5 oz. of seasoned peanuts.
  • 10.5 oz. of seasoned peanuts
  • Made with Extra-Large Virginia peanuts
  • handcooked in small batches with a gourmet blend of jalapeño spice and creamy buttermilk ranch
  • Peanuts are rich in Vitamin E, protein powerhouses, and cholesterol-free
  • Perfect for snacking on the go
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