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Bath Essentials and Necessities

Convenient, clever and innovative: Walter Drake bath and bathroom necessities and must-have essentials are at the top of the design and function game. We are always on the lookout for bathroom storage items, soap holders, bathmats and over-the-door towel rack options that will help you save time, maximize space and solve some of the clutter and cramped-quarters problems that bathrooms sometimes present.

Bathroom Storage, Anti-Slip Mats and More 

We believe that we have some of the best special-value bathroom storage and bath necessities here in Walter Drake’s bath and bathroom collection. Shop anti-slip accessories, bathtub mats and shower mats, all available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Looking for anti-microbial bath mats or magnetic bath mats? We have what you’re searching for here in stylish options that will complement any bathroom décor.

Bathroom Storage for Small Bathroom Spaces

Small bathroom spaces call for compact, smaller bathroom storage units that will make the most of limited space. Walter Drake’s bathroom storage unit inventory does just that — and more! These space-saving bathroom storage items not only function well, they look great too. Shop for storage bins, storage carts and multi-tasking storage shelving here: we know you’ll find the right items that will fit your home’s style preference and match its décor.

Clever Essentials for Bathrooms

Our ingenious sink accessories, tools and gadgets provide functional use — complete with a “why didn’t I think of this?” sentiment. Our compact, sink-size plunger will help take care of those everyday clogs and reduce your plumbing problems and maintenance calls. Our bathroom bar soap saver dish keeps your bar soap in place and eliminates the dreaded goop that bar soap can acquire when it sits in moisture. Touchless soap dispensers minimize the spread of harmful bathroom bacteria, promote healthy habits and are available in sleek designs at Walter Drake. Do heavy-duty bathroom cleaning with less effort by using this electric bathroom scrubber to tackle surfaces. Our bathroom cordless scrubber does the hard work for you so you can enjoy a sparkling-clean shower, tub, toilet and sink. 

Rugs and Bathmats

Every bathroom needs a rug or a bathmat for both safety and warmth on chilly days. At Walter Drake, we make it easy to warm up your bathroom spaces with decorative rugs and bathmats that are easy on the eyes and easy on the feet. The fast-drying materials are perfect for collecting moisture after a shower and all of our rugs and bathmats are cut to fit easily around toilets, tubs and other bathroom mainstays. 

In addition to a variety of rug and bathmat sizes, we also offer an incredible selection of colors to choose from. Choose a bold rug color to act as the basis of your bathroom design and match all additional accessories to the mats. Or, you may opt for a neutral, go-with-anything bath rug that won’t distract from your other bathroom décor. With so many colors of bathmat sets to choose from, it’s easy to update your bathroom to match your personality and décor preferences. 

Toilet Décor and More

The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your bathroom, so why not show it some love with toilet décor and other accessories? Toilet covers are non-permanent additions that add a colorful design to the lid and tank of your toilet. Our padded toilet seat cushion covers will help take that cold chill away during the cold winter months and will provide a soft seat. Available in several designs, fabrics and multiple colors, it’s easy to add a special touch of color and style to your most-used spaces.

Opt for a seasonal, holiday motif or decorate with floral accents for color that’s suitable as décor all year long. Scented toilet roll holders, fresh drop bathroom odor preventor and colorful shower curtains are just a few of the other items we offer. Because they’re all so incredibly affordable, it’s easy to decorate your small space throughout the year to bring some festive cheer and color into your bathrooms and powder rooms.

Visit Walter Drake for the best selection of decorative as well as practical bathroom accessories. Browse our complete collection and find the colorful additions and must-have motifs you need to make your bathroom truly spectacular. Enjoy affordable prices, fast shipping and top-notch customer service when you shop with us.

Shop Walter Drake

You can trust Walter Drake to bring you the best in bath essentials, bathroom necessities and bathroom storage at the most affordable prices. Shop our selection of bath essentials and bath necessities often: we’re always on the search for bath and bathroom products that we know our customers will love. We also specialize in hard-to-find products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Update your bathroom with new bathroom décor from Walter Drake’s bathtub, shower and bathroom collection. From rugs and bath mats to cleaning tools that will help maintain your standard of cleanliness in the bathroom, you’ll find tons of products that are specifically designed to fit in the bathroom. Our bathroom décor items are not only attractive, they’re also able to withstand humidity, maintaining their color and structure even when the temperatures rise and the humidity soars.

Bathroom decorations are a great way to infuse your space with your own personality and many of our decorative items are non-permanent, so you can update your bathroom without making any major changes.

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