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Affordable Flatware and Serving Pieces

For a little bit of elegance every day or to highlight a special day, a holiday or a big event, our hand-picked flatware, silverware and serving pieces will help add a bit of refinement to your table dressing. Our flatware sets are beautiful yet affordable and are designed to add style and functionality to your kitchen essentials collection, silverware drawer or utility drawer. Shop Walter Drake for the best values and the most affordable serving pieces and flatware sets that you’ll find anywhere.

Walter Drake Housewarming & Wedding Gifts

Need a great gift for a housewarming, a wedding or a graduation? Give them something that you know will be used over and over again. They’ll think of you every time they use your thoughtful gift that has more meaning than that boring old gift card. For a great gift, consider steak knives, a knife block set or a gravy boat. These often-overlooked items can make a difference in a young person’s life who is just starting out on his or her own.

A La Carte Flatware Pieces

Running out of soup spoons, teaspoons, butter knives or need to replenish your mysteriously disappearing dinner forks? We don’t only sell flatware sets: you can also purchase only the flatware you need and save money and space by not purchasing an entire silverware set. We also offer Serving Pieces and buffet sets that will make serving your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and gravy, your fried eggs or your hamburgers a breeze.

Brands You Know and Trust

In our flatware and serving piece selection here at Walter Drake, you’ll find brands you know like Oneida®, Pfaltzgraff®, Home Marketplace and William Roberts in all price ranges, so you’re sure to find a high-quality item that won’t blow your budget.

Shop Walter Drake

Shop Walter Drake for the best products, gadget and problem-solving home essentials that you can find online. We specialize in hard-to-find, innovative items that are often exclusive to our brand. Since 1947, we’ve been a trusted household name for American families all over the country. Browse our selection of not only flatware and serving pieces, but furniture, As Seen on TV items, office must-haves, Calendars and Stationery, hobbies and leisure and our ever-famous Walter Drake Christmas Holiday and Seasonal Items and pre-printed Christmas cards, too.

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