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  2. Personalized Silver-Tone Noah's Ark Ornament-371994 Personalized Silver-Tone Noah's Ark Ornament-371994
    2 Options Available

  3. 372370

  4. 364173

  5. Personalized Goldtone Praying Angel Ornament-375756 Personalized Goldtone Praying Angel Ornament-375756
    2 Options Available

  6. 375729

  7. 375726

  8. Personalized Legend of the Candy Cane Ornament-311532 Personalized Legend of the Candy Cane Ornament-311532
    2 Options Available

  9. Personalized Resin Military Ornament-360376 Personalized Resin Military Ornament-360376
    2 Options Available

  10. Personalized Angel with Heart Birthstone Ornament-311519 Personalized Angel with Heart Birthstone Ornament-311519
    24 Options Available

  11. Personalized Birthstone Angel Ornament-343000 Personalized Birthstone Angel Ornament-343000
    24 Options Available

  12. Personalized Birthstone Angel Pewter Ornament-360587 Personalized Birthstone Angel Pewter Ornament-360587
    24 Options Available

  13. 375502

  14. Personalized Cardinal Wings Memorial Ornament-373678 Personalized Cardinal Wings Memorial Ornament-373678
    2 Options Available

  15. Personalized Flag Display Case Ornament-370423 Personalized Flag Display Case Ornament-370423
    2 Options Available

  16. Personalized Merry Christmas Cardinal Ornament-372733 Personalized Merry Christmas Cardinal Ornament-372733
    3 Options Available

  17. Personalized Teardrop Memorial Ornament-334882 Personalized Teardrop Memorial Ornament-334882
    2 Options Available

  18. Personalized Goldtone Nativity Ornament-375757 Personalized Goldtone Nativity Ornament-375757
    2 Options Available

  19. 349190


Fun, Festive Christmas Ornaments

Deck the halls, your foyer, your family room or even your kitchen with the help of Walter Drake. Spread the cheer this Christmas season with a festive ornament from our unique collection of personalized ornaments. You will find a wide selection of colors, sizes and personalization options.

Personalized Christmas ornaments may just be the perfect gift — they show the recipient that you’ve put extra thought into their gift selection. Best of all, they are value priced, so you won’t blow your budget. Fill your Christmas ornament storage boxes with custom ornaments from Walter Drake!

Unique Christmas Ornaments You’ll Love

Unique Christmas tree decorations give you the ability to display and commemorate your most cherished moments throughout the year. Whether you’re purchasing a personalized Christmas ornament for you or for someone you love, we have the selection and customization options to make those moments last for years to come.

We’ve searched the world over for the best and most unique Christmas decorations available. From personalized dog ornaments and I Love My Cat ornaments to veteran flag display ornaments and personalized birthstone glass ornaments, you’re sure to find something super-special here.

Is it baby’s first Christmas? We have multiple ways to celebrate this memorable occasion with the new member of the family. A name and date ball ornament is a sparkling way to add warmth, cheer and whimsy to your tree this holiday season and to honor or memorialize someone you love. Memorial Christmas ornaments are perfect to remember a friend, family member or pet who is no longer with you during your holiday celebrations.

At Walter Drake, you'll find eye catching designs that you won't see anywhere else. Many of our personalized ornaments are exclusive Walter Drake designs!

Unique Christmas Ornaments, Personalized for Your Loved Ones

Looking for heirloom-quality gifts and personalized Christmas ornaments for your family? Maybe the perfect present for a coworker, boss or that Secret Santa gift exchanges? Look no further than our fantastic selection of thoughtful personalized Christmas ornaments.

These affordable custom ornaments feature quick and easy personalization and are great for everyone on your list this year. Check out our personalized family ornaments, religious ornaments and our whimsical collection for your next gift-giving event. Our vintage-inspired collection is great for those that love the days of old. These nostalgic ornaments will bring sparkle and joy with their classic colors and exceptional designs.

Our beautiful selection of vintage-style Christmas ornaments will bring back memories of years past. Watch the smile on a loved one’s face as they look back on memories of sitting by the tree skirt with a hot cup of cocoa. See the twinkle in their eye as they recollect on holiday decorating with the family and the joy of a young child setting the tree topper for the very first time. And if you need a place to store all these new ornaments, we have Christmas ornament storage options to fit your needs.

Personalized Christmas Trinket Boxes

We have dozens of different unique personalized ornaments. One of the cutest personal Christmas ornaments available is our selection of beautifully painted trinket boxes. Choose from a Santa trinket box, stacked gifts, animal and retro-style boxes. These customizable trinket boxes are the perfect size to stash small gifts and add them to your tree for a great surprise. Add money, jewelry and other small items and watch their faces light up with delight!

Walter Drake: The Best in Holiday Décor

We've been providing Christmas goodies to the American family since 1947. We take pride in providing the best products and pricing in the market. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team. Don't forget to stop back soon to check out our ever changing inventory: We’re always on the lookout for the newest and best in Christmas and holiday décor!

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