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A Tidy, Organized Kitchen

Keeping a kitchen clean, tidy and organized is sometimes a dreaded task. Why? The never-ending task of keeping a kitchen free from junk mail, dishes and food often feels like a thankless, monotonous Groundhog Day scenario — one from which you can’t escape. Don’t give up yet, friends. Walter Drake is here with kitchen organizers, kitchen cleaning and Kitchen Storage Options that will help you escape from your Groundhog Day hamster wheel and create a happy, well-maintained space of which you’ll be proud.

Kitchen Organizational Tools, Supplies & Storage

You’ve asked and we’ve answered: Walter Drake now offers life-changing kitchen organizational tools, supplies and Storage for Cabinets and Drawers, Sinks and Dishwashers, Refrigerators and Freezers and the cleverest cleaning items you’ll find anywhere. Shop stainless-steel lazy Susans, expandable and sliding shelves, hangable wrap racks, frying pan organizers and over-the-cabinet pan and cutting board holders. Our space-conscious storage carts fit easily in the snuggest places for additional storage for items such as spices, bottles, cans and envelope seasonings.

Sink, Dishwasher & Refrigerator Gadgets & Organizational Essentials

Our sink and dishwasher gadgets provide you with some of best problem-solving kitchen solutions. Check out this section for over-the-sink dish drainer racks, add-on spray hoses for sinks, skink mats and caddies, freshening skin strainers and more. Our refrigerator and freezer items help you organize these appliances that can sometimes look like the Wild, Wild West. With thoughtful clear plastic sections that offer crystal-clear views of what’s inside, finding what you need is easy as pie.

Innovative & Effective Cleaning Products & Supplies

Walter Drake’s Cleaning Supplies are innovative and effective. You’ll find products from some of the most trusted brands in kitchen cleaning. Shop here for Home Marketplace products, Home-Style Kitchen™ and Twinkle. From brush sets and silicone sponges to reusable shams and stove burner surface cleaners, you’ll find everything you would ever need for a clean kitchen at Walter Drake.

Walter Drake: Since 1947

Since 1947, Walter Drake has been providing the American public with the best products that help improve their quality of life — and home! Stop by our site often for the newest and best in kitchen cleaning, organization and storage.

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