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Brighten up your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces with lamps and lighting products from Walter Drake. From handheld flashlights to plug-in lamps, we carry the lighting solutions you need to illuminate every inch of your home. Enjoy bright, LED lamps that are energy-sipping and long-lasting or opt for a basic battery-powered flashlight that’s affordable and powerful. Our selection of lighting products offering targeted light where you need it the most.

Indoor Lighting Solutions and More

If your home is feeling a little dim, brighten things up with a new indoor light from Walter Drake. An LED desk lamp can be used to illuminate your work space while a Plug-In Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light creates just the right amount of light and ambiance. Our indoor lighting solutions are varied, so it’s easy to find the right lighting products for every corner of your home.

Not sure where to start? Look around for an outlet and decide if you need a plug-in LED lamp or a battery-powered lamp. At Walter Drake, we carry both options so you can light up your main living areas or create a cozy reading nook in the corner of a room. We even carry accessories like clip on lamp shades, light pull chains, touch sensors for lamps and more.

Portable Power

If portability is key in your lighting choice, shop our selection of battery-powered lights. Perfect for camping, emergency preparations and spaces where there aren’t any electrical outlets, our battery-powered lamps come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Choose a set of emergency lanterns to be prepared for anything. We carry tons of battery-powered lighting solutions that go well beyond the basic flashlight so you won’t have to sacrifice brightness or ambiance in your portable power choice.

Visit Walter Drake today for the best selection of home lighting solutions. Pick your favorite lamps or battery-powered lights to brighten up dark spaces. Our impressive selection of styles and affordable prices will make lighting your home a little bit easier.

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