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Outdoor Clothing & Accessories

Going outside will be more fun than ever when you own cold-weather clothing from Walter Drake. Enjoying the great outdoors only lasts so long once you get chilling. When winter is on its way, or if you live in a cooler area, our outdoor apparel and foul weather gear will extend the adventure season. These accessories will keep you warm and dry from head to toe so you can experience everything Mother Nature has to offer.

Outside Gear for All Ages

We have a large selection of stylish outdoor clothing for adults and children. With our outdoor headwear, your noggin will be ready for all seasons. We carry knit winter hats, plastic rain bonnets, jersey caps and other comfortable gear. There are sun hats as well if you want to keep the glare out of your eyes in the summer. Warm your neck with outdoor scarves and versatile puff warmers that can wrap around the neck or the ears.

Say goodbye to stiff, numb fingers with a set of cold weather gloves. Fashion knit gloves, faux fur gloves and men’s leather gloves can be used for driving to work or exploring the woods. We also have fun but practical items such as cold weather breathing masks and rain boot covers so every part of your body is comfortable.

Warm Up in the Outdoors

Even in frigid conditions, you’ll be toasty with the right outdoor gear. We make it easier for travelers, hikers, runners, motorcyclists and others to enjoy their favorite outdoor hobbies year-round. Most clothing is available in multiple sizes and colors so you can find the garment that’s a perfect fit. Order online with the click of a button or request a catalog for our complete inventory of affordable problem solvers.

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