1 Year Giant Calendar



Keep your family's schedule in clear view with this One-Year Large Calendar from Walter Drake. Its generous dimensions of 14 1/4" W x 21 3/4" H make it an ideal choice for high-visibility spots like walls or the fridge door. The oversized squares provide ample space to jot down multiple engagements, such as appointments, meetings, sports practices, and vacation plans—ensuring everyone stays informed.

The thoughtful design of our big calendar extends beyond just its size; each page also previews the first two weeks of the following month at the bottom. This feature is a game-changer when planning ahead—it helps avoid those sudden transitions that can catch you off guard as you move into a new month.

Use this giant calendar not only as an organizational tool but also as a central communication hub for tracking all life’s happenings in one place. Whether managing your personal agenda or coordinating times across various family members' activities—a quick glance tells you everything happening today and what's on tomorrow's horizon.

Our large calendar seamlessly integrates into daily life thanks to its simple yet functional layout—an essential aid amidst bustling schedules where staying ahead means staying organized!

  • Keep your busy lifestyle organized with our large 1 year calendar. Never be late or miss another important social event, meeting or special occasion again. Each calendar page layout features large squares for daily notes and 2 weeks of the next month.
  • Previous and advancing month calendar references included in the top corner of each page to assist planning and scheduling
  • Important dates and holidays are preprinted for easy reference
  • The giant print on this calendar make it easy to read from a distance and comes with a hanging hook. 1 year calendar measures 14 ¼ in. wide x 21 ¾ in. high
  • This calendar is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Parents can easily keep track of important events for their children, record daily chores and important work events. Students can easily keep track of important deadlines for exams, papers, homework and lectures. This calendar has infinite possibilities and is bound to be helpful for any recipient.
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