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Bring Back Childhood with Walter Drake

Where did you first discover your very favorite candy? Was it on Halloween night with your stash of goodies piled high in front of you? Was it in your grandmother’s kitchen in her antique heirloom crystal candy dish? Or was it at the local dime store, where you could sample the different candies available from behind the counter — each for just one penny? Wherever you first tasted your very favorite, old-fashioned candy, its nostalgia still can evoke good feelings, good memories and fun times. Bring those feelings back with Walter Drake’s old-fashioned candy selection.

The Most Popular Old-Fashioned Candy Items

We’ve searched high and low for some of the most popular, old-fashioned candy items that we know will take you back to when you were a kid. We’ve compiled a huge selection of soft candy, hard candy, fudge, food and nuts, sugar-free candy, nostalgic candy, sweet and salty candy and coffee and teas that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

A Variety of Hard Candy, Soft Candy & More

Are you a fan of Soft Candy? Do caramel creams, jelly beans, Tootsie Rolls™ and Juju Fruits make your mouth water? We have an extensive selection of Soft Candy available just for you. What about Hard Candies, like Dad’s® Old-Fashioned Rootbeer Barrels, Jaw Busters™, cinnamon discs, sour cherry balls, clove hard candy, Atomic Fireballs™ and Lemonheads? Our low prices will allow you stock up on your hard-to-find favorites, whatever those may be.

Mouth-Watering Brands

Shop our mouth-watering selection of Fudges, Nuts and Other Foods from brands and companies you’ve known since you were a kid like Necco®, Hammond’s®, Chick-O-Stick®, Goetze’s® and Jelly Belly®.

Old-Fashioned, Nostalgic Candy

At Walter Drake, we specialize in difficult-to-find, special-value products for you and your home. Because candy is such a special part of childhood, we’re especially proud to bring you this assortment of old-fashioned, nostalgic candy. Since 1947, we’ve been providing the American public with products that they love and that improve their quality of life. Stop back often: we’re always on the lookout for nostalgic and old-fashioned candy to offer to our customers. While you’re here, check out our selection of pre-printed Walter Drake Christmas cards, our famous calendars and planners and personalized labels and seals.

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