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Scent is one of the most powerful senses. Make sure you smell as delightful to others as possible by choosing a personal fragrance from Walter Drake. From perfumes and colognes to light spritzes and sprays, we carry the fragrances you need to make a lasting impression on those around you. Our high-quality personal fragrance items are made from quality ingredients and smell like high-end products without the high-end price tags.

Fragrances for Women

Every girl needs a signature scent, which is why Walter Drake carries a large selection of ladies’ fragrances. Our women’s perfumes, body sprays and EDT sprays feature floral notes, citrus undertones and other feminine aromas you’ll love. Smell sweet and put together every day by finishing your look with a quick spritz of your favorite scent. We carry all of your favorite perfume sand brands, including Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Calvin Klein Contradiction, Coach New York for Women and more. Enjoy high-end fragrances at affordable prices when you shop at Walter Drake.

Fragrances for Men

When it comes to colognes and body sprays for men, musks and spices are universal favorites. Find a cologne that makes you more enticing and memorable to those that matter and make a personal fragrance part of your signature style. At Walter Drake, we carry the colognes and fragrances discerning men love to wear like Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir, Boss Hugo Boss and Nautica Voyage. Find your favorite men’s fragrance and take advantage of Walter Drake’s affordable pricing to make smelling good a top priority.

Visit Walter Drake for all of your fragrance needs. Find designer women’s fragrance, men’s fragrance and more, all in one convenient location. Whether you're looking for the best cologne to gift your significant other or high-end women’s perfumes, Walter Drake has you covered. Our selection of top perfumes for women and men are all available for fast shipping, so you can order online and have your favorite fragrances shipped directly to your door.

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Burberry Classic for Women is a true classic ...
Burberry Classic for Women is a true classic with its warm, sensual, cozy and still-sophisticated scent. Burberry Classic is an excellent scent with astonishing combinations in the top, middle and base notes. Granny smith apples and black currants are at ...
Calvin Klein Contradiction is a daytime women's fragrance ...
Calvin Klein Contradiction is a daytime women's fragrance that is subtle, yet sensual. It's refreshing, floral fragrance reminds one of the Orient with it's notes of eucalyptus, syringa, and jasmine. Sure to get you noticed!, this women's perfume features top ...
On one level flirty and sensual, on another ...
On one level flirty and sensual, on another meditative and serene, Cher Eau de Couture for Women defies a single category, like Cher herself. Vibrant notes of bergamot and neroli meet the intimate florals of jasmine and rose and smoke ...
Citrusy, sweet and subtly enduring, CK One by ...
Citrusy, sweet and subtly enduring, CK One by Calvin Klein unisex EDT spray has an exciting combination of aromas that aren't too feminine or masculine. Juicy ripe bergamot, pineapple and papaya are mixed together with jasmine, violets & rose. Just ...
Ferrari Black by Ferrari is an aromatic fragrance ...
Ferrari Black by Ferrari is an aromatic fragrance that is well balanced. It's sweet and strong, yet romantic and pleasing at the same time. It has good longevity and it can be worn day or night. Features top notes of ...
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