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Master the kitchen with mixing bowls, measuring cups and related kitchen tools from Walter Drake. Make uniform cookies with a cookie scoop, enjoy lighter baked goods by using a flour sifter or quickly measure dry goods with a set of clear dry measuring cups. Whether your goal is to improve your baking skills or to craft the perfect burger patty, Walter Drake has you covered with the tools you need to succeed in the kitchen.

Measure More

When it comes to measuring things in the kitchen, one tool is never enough. Dry goods, liquids and other essentials all require different measuring tools to get the quantities correct. From dry measuring cups to liquid measuring cups to cookie scoops, Walter Drake has everything you need to measure more. Browse our large assortment to measuring tools to find the right products to enjoy consistent results whether you’re baking or recreating your grandmother’s famous Sunday sauce.

Portion Control

Once the batter is mixed or the burger is ready, it’s time to start thinking about portion control. Portion control is the key to consistently sized cookies or burgers that cook at the same rates. From cookie scoops to burger presses, Walter Drake makes it easy to enjoy professional-looking results at home. We even carry accessories like a turkey baster or an oil strainer to separate drippings to make perfect sauces and glazes. Our high-quality kitchen tools make cooking at home easier and more fun.

Other Tools

Once you’ve measured out the ingredients, it’s time to combine them into a culinary masterpiece. Our selection of measuring and mixing tools go from the first steps of the cooking process to the last, with tools like timers and strainers to help make quick work of your biggest culinary adventures. The right tool can make all the difference in the kitchen, so make sure the heart of your home is well stocked with everything you could possibly need.

If you’re ready to master your kitchen, shop for measuring, mixing and combining supplies at Walter Drake. From cookies to fancy dinners, Walter Drake carries everything you need to master the kitchen. Browse our incredible selection today to find the high-quality kitchen essentials you need at affordable prices.

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