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  2. Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Covers-368011 Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Covers-368011
    4 Sizes Available

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  5. 371507

    $9.99 $2.32
  6. 370472

    $79.99 $19.92
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  9. 341289

    $4.99 $3.99
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  11. NFL Team Sport Utility Gloves, One Size-366100 NFL Team Sport Utility Gloves, One Size-366100
    8 Options Available

  12. 337397

    $19.99 $13.42

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  19. Downspout Extension-311050 Downspout Extension-311050
    2 Options Available

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  21. Condensing Unit Cover-344088 Condensing Unit Cover-344088
    4 Sizes Available

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  26. Canada Green™ Grass Seed-345515
    3 Sizes Available

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Buy Accessories For Gardens and Patios

We sell a large variety of garden accessories to accent your outdoor space. All of our items are sold with affordable wholesale pricing and all orders over $49 ship for free. We also sell garden accessories gifts that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming gifts, and even Christmas.

The Gorilla Garden Hands make keeping your yard free of leaves and debris simple. These oversized scoops have wrist-support handles with a firm grip that make yard cleanup easier than ever. They measure 19 3/4" L x 13 1/2" W x 3" D.

Garden & Lawn Care Tools

Taking care of the backyard garden or front lawn doesn’t have to be like trying to tame the jungle wilderness. Lawn care aids from Walter Drake are a must for any home gardener or landscaper. By using these tools and accessories, you’ll create a professional property that friends and neighbors can’t help but admire. From spring planting to autumn harvesting, we have the gardening essentials for doing more without straining your back, hands and knees.

Gardening Accessories for Elderly

Don't let age hold you back from doing what you love. Walter Drake has all the gardening helpers you need to keep your lawn and garden looking great. Never worry about straining your back when you use the No-Bend Weed Grabber, effective and super easy to use. Another back saver is our Rolling Grass Trimmer, get those stubborn weeds or overgrown grass areas near driveways or landscaping with out even bending down.

Another great lawn maintenance item is the Easy Garden Tool Grip Handle Attachment. This garden tool makes it easier to use a rake, shovel, or any tool. It reduces hand and back fatigue by allowing you to use your tool more naturally. It can be customized to suit the needs of any user at any height. 

The Search For Patio Furniture Covers 

Finding good outdoor furniture covers that protect your belongings from the elements is important, especially in cold climates. At Walter Drake, we sell furniture throw covers for all outdoor furniture in a variety of sizes. You receive free shipping on our website with orders of just $49 or more. 

When you invest in a patio set, you want to make sure it is protected from the element. That's why your winter storage cover has to be water resistant enough to protect your furniture against all levels of precipitation. You will find that and more when you buy one of our waterproof outdoor furniture covers. From outdoor sofa covers to slipcovers to protect your lounge chairs, we have the wide selection of styles and sizes you've been looking for.

Find Plastic Covers for Outdoor Furniture at Walter Drake

Our Deluxe Chaise Lounge Cover 68"L x30"H x27W" is made for durability. It is reversible from solid beige to green/beige stripes. Best of all, it slips on easily to keep your outdoor furniture safe all year round. 

 A Vinyl Outdoor Chair Cover can protect stackable outdoor patio furniture. It can easily fit four resin chairs and protect it from wind, dirt, rain, and other weather. You will no longer have to clean off your patio furniture before a BBQ or other get-together. Buy this product to help you save time that can be better used for party prep. 

 A Glider Cover shields your glider patio furniture from the elements. It also protects it from harmful UV rays that can fade its material. Tie-down straps are sold separately. 

To protect your gas grill, use our Deluxe Gas Grill Cover 60” L x20” H x 20” W. Made of heavy-gauge PVC, it can withstand all types of weather. 

When you want to protect your patio furniture for years to come, browse our large selection of furniture covers for outdoors. We have some of the best outdoor furniture covers you will find.

Useful Lawn Supplies You Can Afford

There’s no substitute for the pride you’ll feel about owning an abundant garden and well-groomed lawn. Thanks to Walter Drake, you can craft an amazing yard yourself with no need to hire outside help or invest thousands of dollars in landscaping machinery. Order the latest gardening hand tools and lawn care accessories anytime online or from our Catalog to take the best care of your home.

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