No-Bend Weed Grabber



Enjoy a beautiful yard with less hassle and soreness with the right weeding tool. The Walter Drake No-Bend Weed Remover is a simple way to grab a weed from the ground and make sure it doesn't grow back. All you have to do is stand over the weed, push the 3-prong weed grabber head over the weed, twist the T-shaped handle and pull upward. Our standing garden weed grabber will remove the intruder roots and all. You then push the ejector button on the handle to release the weed into a cart or basket for disposal.

Our 39" stand-up weed grabber is the right garden tool for getting tough everyday weeds such as dandelions, bindweed, lambsquarters and crabgrass under control in the garden or yard. The pole is fully adjustable so everyone, no matter how tall they are, can stand straight as they work. You won't need to bend, dig, kneel or twist to have a weed-free landscape. Get right to the root of the problem with this no-bend weeding tool that's part of Walter Drake's commitment to affordable home problem solvers.

  • 3-pronged head pulls tough weeds with ease
  • No need to bend or dig
  • Instructions and hardware included
  • 39" long
  • Some assembly required
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