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Pest Control Supplies & Accessories

You’ve spent a lot of time getting your home, patio, yard and garden together for people to enjoy their beauty. The last thing you need is bugs and wildlife ruining the mood — or the landscape. Walter Drake has the solution for your pest problem with insect repellent, animal deterrents and other essential supplies. Enjoy some peace and quiet knowing the bugs won’t be joining you by using our high-quality products.

Shut the Door on Unwanted Guests

Whether you’re trying to prevent bugs from burrowing in the backyard, getting into party food or crawling around on your skin, Walter Drake is your one-stop-shop. Our selection of Insect Control Products includes bug zappers, personal mosquito repellers, sticky spider traps, bug repellent bracelets and other ways to keep the bugs away. Humane bug deterrents such as Wasp Scare Hives and Garage Door Screens are effective without causing harm. Our bug repellents are also good for camping, trips to the beach and other times you don’t want vermin keeping you company.

Scare Animals Away From Your Garden

Gardeners know how much damage birds, squirrels, raccoons and other creatures can do to a vegetable garden or prized hedge. Protect your crops with the best Animal Deterrents at affordable prices to keep larger intruders away. Scare predatory birds away with bird reflectors, Magnetic Interference Devices, windsocks and other cool methods. Other products such as Sensor-Activated Decoys, birdhouse baffles and sonic sound repellers also drive off larger animals without putting a scratch on them.

Find Everything to Keep Your Property Pest-Free

With pest and animal control accessories from Walter Drake, the only company your home will have is what you’ve invited. In addition to everyday pest-repelling products, we also have hard-to-find supplies that handle specific situations. Some of them also look stylish and double as lawn or personal décor. Find unique problem solvers and affordable values anytime at Walter Drake.