Tabletop Bug Zapper by Scare-D-Pest™



Mosquitos, flies, gnats: No bug will stand a chance against the Tabletop Bug and Fly Zapper by Scare-D-Pest™. This easy-to-use, portable outdoor bug zapper can be taken anywhere you go. Take it camping, to ball games or simply to your backyard for your family barbecue! Thanks to its lightweight, cordless design and its carrying convenient handle, you’ll reach for it again and again throughout the summer season.

This bug zapper lantern includes a rechargeable solar battery that powers the LED light. The welcoming LED lures those pesky flying insects into its protective wire mesh grid, then eliminates them. This mosquito zapper and fly zapper not only works quickly and efficiently, it looks good too! You’ll appreciate the nostalgic, coastal design and the unique shape that is just as decorative as it is handy to have at any outdoor event. It can be added to front porches and walkways as a functional and decorative garden lighting décor item.

Our Scare-D-Pest bug zapper is made from iron and polypropylene and measures 12” wide x 5” high.

  • Iron and polypropylene construction
  • Unique LED light lures flying insects into its wired mesh grid, then quickly eliminates them
  • Measures approximately 12" high x 5" wide
  • Cordless, portable design
  • Features a nostalgic lantern design and a convenient handle for carrying
  • Ideal for camping, ballgames and other outdoor activities
  • Includes rechargeable battery
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